without the bother

Take the hassle out of your heating with the BeWarm Heating Plan, in partnership with trusted local gas engineers

Brand New

Reliable, A-rated, energy efficient, bill-saving boiler, installed by your professional local gas engineer.

No Upfront

Instead of you buying the boiler outright, BeWarm pays, so there’s zero upfront cost, just a single monthly payment.

No Unexpected

Boiler repair and maintenance costs, servicing and safety checks are included in your monthly payment.


BeWarm is responsible for servicing and safety checks on your boiler, so you can sit back and relax in your cosy home.

How it works


Your gas engineer sends you a link to get your BeWarm Heating Plan quote based on your chosen boiler.


Complete our simple online application; approval usually takes just a few hours, and you’re ready to sign the agreement.


Your trusted local gas engineer installs your new boiler, and we check in after to make sure you’re happy.


We take care of servicing and maintenance for the duration of the Heating Plan - it’s all covered by your monthly payment.

Over 1,000,000 households in Canada and the Netherlands choose Heating Plans rather than buying their boiler outright. Now we’re bringing the benefits to UK households, through select local gas engineers.

When I needed to replace my 30-year-old inefficient boiler the quote from British Gas to install a new one on finance was eye-watering! We worked out that over 12 years the BeWarm Heating Plan would cost 40% less than the equivalent finance plus care package from British Gas, and it meant I could use the local boiler engineer my daughter recommended. It’s a no-brainer!
Mrs D, Warrington
The application process is quick and easy - it took under an hour from getting my boiler quote to signing the BeWarm agreement.
It’s a great way to get the boiler you want, fitted by an engineer you trust, without having to find £2,500 upfront.
Louise K, Manchester
I like the comfort of having someone to call and knowing the bill will be covered if something goes wrong with my heating. For years I had HomeCare boiler breakdown cover but my renewal quote was going up each year, even though I hadn’t made a claim. BeWarm’s pricing guarantee reassures me that loyal customers won’t be penalised.
David W, London

What’s included?

No upfront cost on installation of A-rated boiler
Trusted local Gas Safe registered engineer installing and maintaining your boiler
Boiler services and safety checks included
All repairs and maintenance (parts and labour) included - with no excess
24/7 emergency response
BeWarm Pricing Guarantee *
Boiler replacement at no extra monthly cost **
* BeWarm Pricing Guarantee: We check all boiler installation prices against our national database so you can rest assured that the price you’ve been quoted is in line with the market rate. And unlike many boiler cover providers, our monthly price will never increase by more than inflation (subject to a minimum of 2.5%) over the boiler lifetime, regardless of your repair history.
** Boiler Replacement Protection: If your boiler breaks down during the term of the Plan and can’t be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer, you’ll not be left paying for a write-off. Instead your Heating Plan will end, and you’ll have the option to get a replacement boiler under a new Plan at the same monthly price.
There’s no need to pay British Gas or HomeServe for boiler care plans. Service and repair costs are covered in our Plan.
We only partner with trusted local Gas Safe registered engineers who install quality boilers and service them with care.

Ask your local gas engineer for your personal BeWarm Heating Plan link or call us on 0800 987 1789 for more details