Frequently asked questions

Who is the Heating Plan for?

It’s available on new boiler installations for homeowners and domestic landlords who:

  • need a new boiler but can’t afford to pay upfront or would prefer to spend the money on something else
  • have an old, inefficient boiler that’s costing more than necessary in repairs and energy bills
  • would like the security of having all boiler servicing and maintenance covered by a single monthly payment.
How do I get the BeWarm Heating Plan?
Your heating engineer will send you your personal BeWarm quote after their site survey. If you’re looking for a BeWarm engineer partner in your area, get in touch with us.
How long is the Plan term?
Our most popular Heating Plan, which offers the lowest monthly price, provides hassle-free heating for 12 years, with no additional costs even if the boiler needs repairs or replacement. Homeowners who prefer a shorter term can select a reduced term of between 3 and 11 years when they apply.
What if I already have a boiler cover plan?
There’s no need to continue paying companies like British Gas or HomeServe for a boiler care plan once you switch to BeWarm’s Heating Plan. We cover all your servicing and safety checks, plus any boiler repairs (parts and labour) with no callout charge or excess.
What if I rent out my property to tenants?
Heating Plans must be taken out by the property owner(s), but they provide a great solution for landlords looking to secure the comfort and safety of their tenants. You can rest easy knowing your tenants can call our emergency support line in case of a problem with the boiler, and no bill will be coming your way.
What happens if I sell my home?

You have two options if you’re selling your property - we’ll guide you through each one when you decide to move:

  • the buyer of your property can agree to take on the Heating Plan as part of the sale
  • you can pay the lump sum outlined in your contract, and once your property sale completes we’ll transfer the boiler to the buyer of your home for £1. Your Heating Plan will then be terminated with no further charges or notice period.
What does the application process involve?
Our online application takes a couple of minutes, and most applicants get approval on the same day. Once you’ve signed our agreement and provided payment details, we run a quick credit check and then your local engineer gets in touch to schedule your boiler installation.
How do I make my monthly payments?
Your payment will be taken by direct debit on the specified day each month for the duration of the Plan. We’ll take your details via our secure portal when you’re ready to sign our agreement.
Will my monthly payment change over time?
Your monthly payment amount is fixed at the outset, and it’ll never increase by more than inflation over the boiler lifetime (subject to a minimum annual increase, specified in your contract), regardless of your repair history. There are no hidden costs, callout charges or excess fees - everything’s covered by your monthly payment.
Who will service and repair my boiler?
Our first point of contact will always be the heating engineer you chose to install your boiler. If they’re unable to carry out the work in the required timeframes, we’ll put you in touch with another of our trusted local engineers, all of whom are Gas Safe Registered and highly experienced. Either way, BeWarm will keep on top of when your service is due, and we’ll cover the maintenance cost.
What do I do if my new boiler isn’t working?
Contact BeWarm on 0800 987 1789 and we’ll arrange for a local engineer to visit your home as soon as possible. You’ll not need to deal with the boiler manufacturer regarding warranty claims, and you’ll get no bills for parts or labour because we cover all repair costs.